Randi Feldman

  • For the past 18 years, Randi Feldman has been teaching a series of film workshops & giving lectures at UCLA, NYFA (New York Film Academy in L.A.), AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, , Santa Fe Community College, “F.I.T” Film Industry Training Program presented by S3 Entertainment Group in Detroit, Michigan, & Colombia College Hollywood. She is also the director of CINEMA WORKSHOPS, teaching various courses in “The Craft of the Script Supervisor” to aspiring directors, producers and script supervisors of films and commercials. Randi offers courses in private and semi-private workshops as well.

    When she is not teaching or working on films and commercials as a script supervisor, or doing script pre-timings for major studios on films like, “Sweeney Todd”, “The Kite Flyer”, Runaway Jury”, “Flight of the Phoenix”, “The Time Machine”, “From Hell”, “Down with Love”, you will find her backpacking into the great outdoors with her camera and watercolors, creating images which she brings to art festivals throughout the year. Friends of Randi also know her as a pianist and videographer for family oral histories.

    Above all, Randi is most admired by her students as a skilled script supervisor and mentor. Her background includes the following filmography, commercial productions, and other work experience and education.