AJ Martinson

  • Best known for high quality visuals and smart, intellectual filmmaking, writer-director AJ Martinson III has worked as a producer and director on a number of projects, from reality TV’s Divine Intervention to the feature film Blackmark, his first feature film, which was acquired by Bleiberg Entertainment in 2017.

    At age 17, AJ made his first micro-documentary, Two Lives Saved, about a child and her blind grandfather living in Ethiopia. This film won him ABC 7′s Cool Kid Award and launched his filmmaking career.

    AJ’s company Section 3 Films focuses on feature films, commercials, documentaries, unscripted series and narrative films with an emphasis on branded content for the web.

    AJ built his career on several independent films as an editor and cinematographer, including Pantheon Studios’ The Mona Lisa Myth and Walt – The Man Behind the Myth, the official Walt Disney biopic.

    In 2014, AJ began work on his first feature film, originally titled Red Fish Blue Fish, now Blackmark, a Cold War Spy Thriller, which was acquired by Bleiberg Entertainment in 2017. Acting as writer, director, producer and editor on the project, AJ brought the military industrial complex and the Kennedy Assassination to the forefront of his 1960s era film – showing his propensity for historically based films.

    Presently he continues to build his career as a narrative director while working on branded content through Section 3 Films.