Theme – Master The Single Most Powerful Ingredient of Story






    Theme – Master The Single Most Powerful Ingredient of Story

    Lecture and Interactive Session

    Learn how to capture the power of theme to enhance your story, entice publishers, captivate readers, and attract the film and television industry.

    All stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. All great stories have one thing in common: a compelling theme.

    The stories that we love, the ones considered classics, the ones we read or watch again and again, the ones enjoyed for generations, making them timeless – are stories with themes that speak to us.

    Theme is the story element that most powerfully attracts and engages readers and audiences.

    Theme enriches and elevates your story and your writing.

    It is crucial step in progressing from the craft of writing to the art of storytelling.

    Understanding the message of your story – what it is about at its heart – is a powerful tool at every juncture in the life of your story, from conceiving and shaping the concept, through writing and rewriting, to bringing it to the marketplace through creating loglines, querying, and pitching.

    As a writer, you have something to say. Theme is the best way to ensure your story will be heard.


    • Identify Theme and How It Is Different Than Plot

    • Create Themes That Make Stories Beloved and Timeless

    • Learn to Use Theme to Make All Big Story Decisions

    • Discover How to Use Theme to Outline, Create Compelling Characters and Write Crackling Dialogue

    • Craft Standout Marketing With Theme

    Instructor: Barri Evins