The Writer’s Diet: Nutrition For Success





    The Writer’s Diet: Nutrition For Success On A Budget

    Wait. A NUTRITION class at a writers’ conference. Absolutely! A body and mind fueled for success is vital. 

    Are you a screenwriter trying to complete a screenplay, or a novelist who has a deadline to submit your manuscript? Do you pull all-nighters to meet your self-imposed or mandated deadline? Do you find yourself working long hours in order to break through your writer’s block? If these situations sound familiar, you’re not alone – they are all very common to writers, and it’s time to break the glass ceiling and incorporate a healthier diet into your life. It goes without saying that proper nutrition has the power to increase your energy, immunity, and productivity!

    A well-balanced, fulfilling diet is crucial for a writer who has a busy, stressful schedule. And eating healthy on a budget is equally as important. In this unique session you’ll learn about choosing healthy foods, how to avoid foods that cause sugar crashes or bout of hunger, foods that allow you to keep your focus, energy, sleep and motivation in check, how to choose the food and diet that works best for you, exercises you can do at your desk and much more.