Everything You Need To Know To Write A Script







    My Cousin Kathleen And The Unity of Opposites: Everything You Need To Know To Write Script

    For almost 40 years, Mick Casale has been a teacher of dramatic writing at New York University.  As head of Screenwriting at NYU’s acclaimed Graduate Department of Film and Television, he has helped train some of today’s finest young filmmakers.  In 2017 he was named the David Payne-Carter Excellence in Teaching award winner for the Tisch School of the Arts.

    My Cousin Kathleen And The Unity of Opposites is a classic Mick Casale class – a fun, loose, immensely informative class that’ll have you walking away with, as Mick says, “Everything you need to know to write a script.” If you’re flying to NY to attend Story Expo, you don’t want to miss the quintessential screenwriting class taught by the quintessential NY screenwriting teacher.

    Some topics he’ll cover include: 

    • A brief history of dramatic writing
    • The Freytag Triangle
    • The Advent of Screenwriting
    • The Edit
    • Story More Complicated
    • Acts of Composition
    • Act Structure
    • Principles of Dramatic Writing
    • Demonstration & Q&A
    • Much More