The Secrets of Love Stories







    The Secrets of Love Stories

    Love stories are among the best selling films of all time: A Star Is Born, Gone With the Wind, The Way We Were, The Notebook, Moulin Rouge, Amour, The Big Sick, The Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind, Call Me By Your Name –all feature Love. Even those without big adventure score big with audiences. This workshop, designed for beginning and intermediate writers, will go over:

    • How does an audience know a couple is in love?
    • The proven story patterns of romance movies
    • The tools of suspense and tension
    • How to create a hero your audience will care about
    • How to write characters who change and grow
    • The most common mistakes made when writing storylines
    • How to write a second act that will keep the audience guessing – even though we know the lovers will come together! 


    And More!


    Instructor: Peter Russell