The Myth of 3-Act Structure




    The Myth of 3-Act Structure

    In this groundbreaking seminar, WGA Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger shows you why more and more successful writers are abandoning 3 act structure for a more organic approach. You’ll

    • A new approach to structure that helps you transcend the tired old formulas, and grow your script organically out of your instincts as a writer.
    • The common myths and misperceptions around structure that get writers “lost in the second act” — and how to find your way again when you don’t know what happens next!
    • The natural connection between character and structure that can help your screenplay cut through the competition.
    • How to harness the power of 7 Act Structure to build your script intuitively from character, to scene, to act, to the movie you’ve always dreamed of writing.


    Instructor: Jacob Krueger