The Final Twist: How to End Your Stories With a Wallop






    The Final Twist: How To End Your Stories With A Wallop

    To leave your readers awed and breathless and clamoring for more, use one of these three final twist strategies: Seamless IntegrationUnreliable Narrator, Revealed; or the Wider Lens. 

    Seamless Integration: When your primary plot and two secondary plots weave together effortlessly, you create a cohesive and satisfying ending.

    Unreliable Narrator, Revealed looks at the five categories of unreliable narrators—and how each should be wrapped up. 

    A Wider Lens:  When you’re moving forward, all you see is that’s in front of you. Looking back, however, you have context, experience, and memory, all of which allow you to see the world through a wider lens.