Story & Virtual Reality (VR)







    Story & Virtual Reality 

    3D filmmaking never became the game changer many experts claimed it would in Hollywood. Why? Because 3D filmmaking is cool, but it doesn’t necessarily change the storytelling. But Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential to not only change how we view stories, but how stories are written and told. VR is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction. Virtual realities artificially create sensory experience, which can include sight, touch, hearing, and smell. Imagine not just watching a movie, but watching the movie from inside the movie – Being in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon next to Han Solo as he flies through space, or sitting at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca. At this year’s Story Expo, we are pleased to welcome one of Hollywood’s biggest studios to talk about how virtual reality is changing storytelling. Yes, we will talk about the technology, but, more importantly, this session will discuss how VR is impacting and changing how writers write stories.