Script Supervising Pt. 2







    Script Supervising: Crash Course – Part 2

    In this intense crash-course, famed Script Supervisor Randi Feldman takes you through all of the hard and fast rules and steps every script supervisor must know, including:   

    • Skills and duties of the script supervisor from pre-production through production.
    • Basic Language & Theories Of Continuity: continuity of eyelines, space, motion, time, action, dialogue, narrative continuity. 
    • Overview of Various Directorial Styles
    • Preparing the script for shooting, (“breaking down the script”)
    • How to take appropriate and detailed script supervising sotes for the director and editor.
    • Learn All the Tools for Production: slating, timing and crediting scenes for time, matching action, working with actors, dialogue changes and improv. , and much more.
    • Tools of the trade & on-set gear ideas, “Where to Find Great Equipment”.
    • Getting your first jobs, negotiating your deal, networking, building your resume for script supervising.
    • Union vs. non-union work, getting into the Script Supervising Union.
    • And Much More!


    Script Supervisors are the unsung heroes on TV and film sets, offering great job opportunities for writers that they weren’t event aware of.