Screenwriting in the Age of Trump





    Screenwriting In The Age of Trump

    Question: What do these films and television series from the past year have in common?

    Get Out, Will & Grace, Black-ish, Girls Trip, Wonder Woman, Black Mirror, Atlanta, One Mississippi, The Orville, Star Trek: Discovery, Transparent, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Blade Runner 2049, The Big Sick, Dunkirk, It Comes at Night…

    Answer: They all address the sociopolitical concerns of life today, here, now, in this distinctive moment in history—but obliquely, creatively, and artistically. No matter what the genre—comedy, sci-fi, horror, superhero, etc.—all deal with the most pressing concerns of our time in probing, intelligent, unique ways.


    In this vital and urgent class, you’ll learn how to use the power of storytelling on the big or small screen to bring your message to audiences worldwide, bridging divides and challenging assumptions.

    This class definitely isn’t limited to overtly political, dystopic, or “message” TV shows and films—although we’ll certainly cover those. Some of the timely societal elements your projects may address include:

    • Inequality
    • Privilege
    • Diversity
    • Political corruption
    • Gender identity and discrimination
    • Race relations
    • Abuse of power
    • Ethics and technology
    • Police brutality
    • And much more.

     We’ll start by reviewing some legendary scripts and what made them powerful and relevant to their time. Then Timothy will teach his secrets to:

    • Crafting an eye-catching logline
    • Choosing the best genre for your concept
    • Developing the most marketable take on your subject
    • Building characters any audience can root for
    • Key beats to include no matter which genre you’re working in
    • “Masking” your message with action, humor, and tension

    Finally, we’ll discuss steps to take your idea to the next level, polish your pitch, and garner attention for your script.

    We’ll also make time for a detailed Q&A as we get into the specifics of how to take charge of your craft and bring your of-the-moment message to the world. This one-of-a-kind class gives you the essential tools to bring your story to life.