Positive Storytelling






    Positive Storytelling: Heartwarming, Chills Up The Back Of Your Neck, Happiness, Good Feelings, Positive Experience and the Science of Connecting & Connection

    There’s been an explosive emergence of scientific understanding of happiness, good feelings, positive experiences, and the good feelings, including heartwarming, heart-touching glows and chills up the back of the neck, also called frissons. 

    This workshop will walk you through the anatomy of positive experience in your storytelling. Positive experiences have a before, during and after. Understanding the anatomy of positive experiences can help you to create more powerful character experiences and character arcs. Applying a similar concept to connection will help you build stronger relationships between your characters and stronger empathy between your audience and your characters and story. 

    The workshop will explore the varieties of chills and glows– feelings that the best stories evoke.