Pitch & Play: Perfecting Pitching + Putting It Into Practice







    Pitch & Play: Perfecting Pitching + Putting It Into Practice Lecture and Interactive Session

    Have you had that fantasy where you find yourself in an elevator with an industry insider who could advance your career? You have only one minute to tell them what you’re writing and why it’s so great before they get to their floor! If you don’t know what to say, this dream feels like a nightmare. The industry is an idea-eating machine. It is hungry for story. “What’s next?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in meetings with execs and reps. Pitching may not come naturally to all writers, but it is essential. Whatever situation you find yourself in: industry meeting, pitchfest, conference, networking event, writers’ group, or just needing to have a good answer to your mom’s well meaning questions – knowing how to pitch what you are working on is an invaluable skill. The first half of this session teaches you how to create a strong, professional pitch: • Discover What Every Pitch Must Include – Engage the listener, draw them into the story you envision, and deliver on the story essentials. • Put Your Pitch Over The Top – Learn the extras that pro writers use to elevate their pitches. • Learn to Use Pitching as a Tool – “Test Drive” your next idea before you write it. Find out if there is an audience. Hone your story by identifying what’s working and what needs work. In the second half we will put your pitching skills into practice with an inventive, fastpaced idea-generating game guaranteed to inspire you.  • Get your creative juices flowing. • Build your “Is this an idea for a story muscle?” • Flip Ideas Fast – Uncover their unexpected potential. These pro pointers combined with a unique pitching game will give you both skill and confidence. BONUS: I’ll give out my Free Pitch Pointers Guide at the end of our session.


    Instructor: Barri Evins