One-On-One Pitching with Industry Professionals





    One-On-One Informal Pitching with Industry Professionals

    For two intense days at Story Expo in NY, you’ve had a choice of over 60 amazing classes on how to tell your story, how to meet agents, how to write loglines, and more. But how do you pitch your story and make it marketable and salable in today’s market? There are more opportunities than ever now to get your movie made or TV show on the air, but without the knowledge on how to pitch, and what to include in your pitch, the greatest stories can go unsold.

    In this workshop, you will be able to sit down one-on-one with professionals in the industry who will listen to your pitches and help you make it better. Pitching is hard. To be able to convey a compelling story in a minute or two takes practice, skill and understanding what companies are looking for. You will be asked to pitch your movie or TV show idea to one of our industry professionals, and then receive valuable feedback on:

    • How to make it better
    • What it’s missing and what it needs
    • Better ways to express the story
    • What TV networks and film studios are looking for
    • Who you should pitch it to (one of the most important aspects of pitching)
    • A takeaway list of where you can pitch your projects to
    • Much More!

    Education and information are two of the the most vital keys to your success, but getting and using feedback is essential to winning the game.

    This session is open to ALL registered attendees of Story Expo, and we have booked it at the end of the day so you don’t miss any of the great sessions, workshops and speakers during the day. It’s a great, fun and positive way to end Day 1!

    * Please Note: This session may run past 7:00pm depending on the number of people who want to receiving pitching advice.