Method Writing: The First Four Concepts






    Method Writing: The First Four Concepts


    Method Writing is a powerful approach to finding one’s deep, authentic voice and activating the creative process.

    “Method Writing will make you a better writer and that’s the point.” — Helen Hunt.

    Method Writing is a briliant lesson in staying true to one’s voice, and the core of the teaching has mde me passionate about acting as well.” — Laura Dern

    1) Intro: We’ll spend 10 minutes discussing the overall approach of Method Writing and the concept of “process” as opposed to “product.”

    2) We’ll spend 15 minutes on the first concept, finding one’s authentic voice, the difference between writing like you talk and using a more literary style. We’ll also discuss the three places the voice comes from: the head voice, the reporting voice, and the deep voice.

    3) We’ll spend 15 minutes on the second concept, using the “transformation line” to deepen the voice and hook the reader.

    4) We’ll spend 30 minutes on the third concept, the Image/Moment, a way to transform prose into a cinematic moment that is dramatic and unforgettable.

    5) We’ll spend 15 minutes on the fourth concept, The Dreaded Association,” which focuses on how to create impressionistic effects when a character is disoriented, inebriated, hallucinatory, having flashbacks, or experiencing a traumatic event.

    6) We’ll spend the last 10 minutes answering questions and wrapping up.