Legion M: The First Fan-Owned Movie Studio





    Legion M: The First Fan-Owned Studio

    For years people have talked about “democratizing Hollywood” to give the movie ticket buyer and the TV show viewer some skin in the game. The thinking is if the FANS owned a studio, they could produce and greenlight the movies and shows THEY want to see. That’s where Legion M comes in. Legion M is the industry’s first fan-owned media start-up. Instead of the studio holding the keys to the bank, though, Legion M is funded by fans who want to invest in film and TV series with an equity stake in the company (fans can invest as little as $100). But don’t confuse fans being investors with fans making the content. The company is currently in its 5th round of funding, raising millions of dollars, and has already invested in projects involved the late, great Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Dean Devlin, David Tennant, Nicolas Cage and more.

    During this panel discussion and Q&A, you’ll get the inside story of how Legion M works straight from their executives, learn about the future of fan-invested media companies, and learn how it could impact YOUR career as an industry professional and getting your projects made.