Hypnosis for Writers’ Block






    Hypnosis for Writers Block

    Struggling with writers block or procrastination? Feeling cut off from your characters or from your authentic voice as a writer? Taught by WGA award winner Jacob Krueger and renowned hypnotherapist Audrey Sussman, PhD, this life changing workshop draws on techniques from hypnosis and meditation to help you break through the inner walls that get in the way of your success.

    You’ll learn:

    • The real causes of writers block, and how to break through them on both the conscious and the subconscious level.
    • How to harness the power of hypnosis to find a state of flow and connection any time you want it.
    • Self hypnotic and meditative techniques you can use right away, and any time you feel stuck.
    • Mind-opening meditative writing techniques that can help you get past your inner censor, and turn a dull scene or two dimensional character into an unforgettable one that lives and breathes on the page. 


    Instructor: Dr. Audrey Sussman, and WGA Award-winning writer Jacob Krueger