How Women Can Thrive As Filmmakers (Workshop)







    How Women Can Thrive As Filmmakers – A Workshop for Women & Men

    The depth of sexism, whether overt or unaware, that women filmmakers are up against is not specific to the film industry. Less than 3% of the artists in the Modern Art section of the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art are women. Women musicians hold 11% of all conducting positions in the nation. In the film industry, statistically speaking, a woman is 20 times less likely than a man to find financing for her film. Every artistic field that involves large paychecks exhibits gross inequities between women and men.

    Our largest disadvantage as women, however, is that we internalize the message that we deserve less, and without being aware of it, we come to believe this about ourselves and to act on these beliefs. Most women, even when we wear a “tough” façade, suffer from a lack of courage and confidence. We act as if we’re less brilliant and powerful than men; we hold false hopes that looking “good” would earn us more respect; we work in isolation without expecting support; we put other people’s needs first and easily abandon our own creative goals; and we blame ourselves for our difficulties.

    Ela Thier has participated and facilitated women’s support groups for over 20 years, and will share effective tools to taking stands against sexism, and against our own lack of confidence. Women and male allies will acquire tools to build support systems so that we can encourage one another rather than compete, act powerfully to reach our goals, and actively seek and guide our allies to work on our behalf.