How To Write An Award-Winning Screenplay







    How To Write An Award-Winning Screenplay

    To have an award-winning screenplay, you have to figure out two main points: 1. How to find and create a suitable story that you can write as a screenplay, and 2. Find a decent festival/competition to submit to. But how?

    In this workshop, Emine Dursun explains the important points and tricks from both sides as an experienced festival director, jury member and as a screenwriter/script doctor.

    You’ll learn What To Write (this is the creative part), and How To Write (this is the technical part). Both of these objectives will be taught according to what festivals and competitions are looking for. 

    The class will also focus on some of the criteria of the important competitions such as the Nicholls Fellowship, Blue Cat, NYISA, etc. look for, so you can always write your screenplays with with the idea of selling them (everyone’s ultimate goal).