How to Build Plots Like an A-list Screenwriter (Edson)









    How to Build Plots Like an A-list Screenwriter (Eric Edson)

    Presented by pro screenwriter and university professor Eric Edson, best-selling author of The Story Solution: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take.  Long on Amazon’s Best-Seller list, the book has also become a best-seller in China and recently been republished as a key screenwriting textbook approved for use in all colleges and film schools there.  Eric has written 17 feature screenplays on assignment for such companies as Sony, Warner Brothers, Disney, 20th Century-Fox, ABC Motion Pictures, Lifetime, Showtime, NBC and TNT.   He is a tenured full-professor at California State University, Northridge where he serves as Director of the MFA in Screenwriting Program.

    In this seminar you will learn:

    • Why Top Screenwriters Get Re-Hired
    • Key Story Elements All Successful Screenplays Share
    • Simplifying The Process Of Story Construction
    • Creating Plot Peeks And Valleys & How Many You Will Need
    • New Power For Every Screen Story With “Hero Goal Sequences”
    • Rewriting To Win – The Tortoise And The Hare