Finding & Developing Entertainment IP

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    Finding & Developing Entertainment IP

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    Many of today’s biggest movies are based on existing IP (Intellectual Property). Marvel  comics has famously transferred their comic book characters (Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America, etc.) to blockbusters on the big screen. Same with DC Comics (Superman, Batman). Other major studios - Pixar, Dreamworks, Paramount, etc. – are always looking for the next big franchise. But where and how do you find entertainment IP, or, more importantly, how do you develop your own IP?

    During this amazing session, learn:

    • Brand new IP/titles proposals
    • Top-down character creation (initiated by the company)
    • Characters inspired by historical incidents, family history or news story
    • Subjects & Genres
    • Mainstream vs. More Obscure IP
    • Developing concepts for use across all visual media
    • Why the classic story arc is universal
    • Don’t play fast and loose with facts gleaned from others w/o permission
    • Building science fiction or fantasy worlds/universes with internal logic
    • Deal/legal considerations for your IP and for developing and pitching others’ IP
    • Creator-owned vs. work-for-hire deals.
    • Pitch agreements, options
    • Q&A