Independent Filmmaking – Part 1







    Independent Filmmaking - Part 1

    In today’s film world, most filmmaker careers begin by producing their own movie. But how do you do it? The two-part Independent Filmmaking intensive offers writers, filmmakers, producers, directors and other creative story artists a first-hand knowledge of Production, Post Production, Marketing, Financing and Distribution.  Clips from micro-budget films will illustrate specific tricks and state-of-the-art techniques used by the most resourceful filmmakers, and these sessions will maximize a filmmaker’s limited resources, and minimize critical errors that can doom otherwise worthy projects. Whether you’re looking to make your own film, or as a writer just understand the process of filmmaking to improve your writing, Independent Filmmaking Pts. 1 and 2 will leave you with cutting edge, powerful knowledge and ideas that you cannot find in any book or film school, and that you can use immediately.