Creating TV Storylines That Supercharge Your Pilot






    Creating TV Storylines That Supercharge Your Pilot

    Pulling The TV Storyline TIGHT! It’s a ROPE around the audience’s neck PULLING them into the screen! Bored with a cinematic story? Chances are the rope around your neck is pretty SLACK.

    Storyline in TV is even more important than it is in movies — because there are usually many more storylines in TV! (But how to invent, forge, burnish and make more original these storylines? Well, first you gotta understand what they are and how they work.

    How do you create, manage, and power up storylines? Let Peter show you how to do just that, using the tools of storyline that great TV storytellers like Vince Gilligan, David Chase, and David Simon use.

    It is the storyline’s power that drive modern, original TV storytelling.

    Come see how.