Creating the TV Beat Sheet – The Heart Of All Great TV Stories








    Creating The TV Beat Sheet – The Secret Heart of All Great TV Stories

    You’ll need this critical skill for EVERY TV story you ever write!

    From this masterclass lecture you will learn how to build a BEAT, so that your TV story will work. Think of EACH beat as a lightning bolt – the hidden HEART of why your audience watches! These are like lightning bolt flashes that form 28 key dramatic moments in your hour script.

    Each Beat has a hidden structure that you MUST master to make your TV story SING.

    This class is about showing you the secret hidden rhythm of a BEAT – the flurry of punches that leaves an audience breathless (and one winner raising his arms and a loser on the canvas!). The good news is, once you learn how one works, you’ll use the same tricks every time.

    Learn the hidden universal structure of this critical building block – the four crescendos inside it (and how the greatest TV writers reverse, pivot and use surprise, good news/bad news, ticking clocks, and raising stakes in each Beat.

    Peter shows you precisely how the geniuses in today’s TV story Bill Dubuque (Ozark), Jenji Kohan (Orange Is The New Black, Glow) Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective), Noah Hawley (Fargo), Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul), Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) do just that.

    Peter goes deeper in this class sharing advanced tools of the ‘split beat’ and the ‘disappearing climax beat’. He uses examples from the sophisticated screenwriting masters like David Simon (The Deuce), and Dave Andron (Snowfall). Learn from the best.

    Instructor: Peter Russell