Being A Script Supervisor (Half-Day Intensive) – Pt. 2







    Being A Script Supervisor - Part 2

    We are very proud to offer a half-day intensive on Being A Script Supervisor Pts. 1 and 2 at Story Expo 2017!

    Script Supervisors are an integral and crucial part of every movie and TV show. Because movies and TV shows are rarely shot in sequence, the Script Supervisor monitors the shoot closely to ensure the script and what’s shot in each scene can be edited into a verbally and visually cohesive sequence, and subsequent finished film or show. The job requires strong screenwriting skills, exceptional observational skills, a tremendous eye for details, the ability to take notes accurately, succinctly and efficiently, good communication skills with the writer, director and editor, the ability to collaborate…the list goes on and on.

    In this two part intensive, you’ll learn the skills and duties of a script supervisor from pre-production through production, learn the language of script supervisors, understand the Theories of Continuity, learn how scripts are broken down, learn how to take notes that serve as the bridge between production and editing, and much more!

    For those looking for job opportunities in the entertainment industry, being a script supervisor is an amazing position people often overlook (or don’t even realize exists) that not only gets you on set in a crucial role dealing with the director and editor (and the entire crew), but also lead to important connections and other story opportunities (writing, directing, etc.).

    Please Note: This class runs for 2 sessions from 10:30am to 12:00noon, and 12:30pm to 2:00pm (with a half-hour break between Noon and 12:30pm)