An Insider’s Guide to the TV Notes Process







    An Insider’s Guide to the Television Notes Process

    After spending most of his professional life in the television business, Emmy-nominated TV producer Troy DeVolld is routinely shocked by how little some new hires at studios, networks and production companies know about the process of making the stuff.  This is often reflected in the non-specific notes that newly-minted professionals pass along, like, “This needs to be a hit, you guys!” and “Second act should be better.” Neither one of which implies a solution or details what they’d like to see done.

    On the other side of that fence, many of his creative associates bristle at virtually every note they’re given, creating an adversarial relationship with the execs at the networks and studios that doesn’t have to be there.

    The Television Notes Process is a course designed for new writers and professionals to help them understand both sides of the process – the writer side, and the executive side. As a writer, you’ll learn what to expect from notes, what networks are looking from, how it affects the creative process, how much they have to be followed, etc. 

    Speaker: Troy DeVolld