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    STORY EXPO LA - Sept. 27-29, 2019

    Pitching Council @ Pitching Room

    “The Best Pitching Room In The Industry!”
    This year Story Expo is revolutionizing how industry pitching is done. No more long lines, no pitching the same project 15 different times hoping you pitched the right company, or that each pitch is as good as your first. This year Story Expo presents the Pitching Council – an opportunity to pitch ALL of the companies attending at once.
    As companies become more immersed in multi-genre, multi-format programming, trying to guess who to pitch and what to pitch has become more complicated as TV companies are producing movies, and movie companies are producing TV.  Ultimately, your pitch is about you, your great idea and developing relationships in the industry – and you never know who will be the right executive to pitch to, or who they may know that might be interested in your project. The new Story Expo Pitching Council cuts to the chase. This year’s Pitching Room will allow you to pitch your TV or Film project to EVERY company in just a few pitches.
    How It Works: There will be three or four Pitching Council time slots on Saturday and Sunday. Each Pitching Council is comprised of 12-15 executives from important, major and/or influential production companies, studios and management firms. Instead of pitching them individually, you will pitch your idea to everyone on the council at once.  This allows you to concentrate on giving a great pitch, and allows the executives to interact and be competitive with one another. If they like your idea, they will give you their contact details for further discussion.
    You can pitch two (2) ideas at a time, but can get back in line to pitch as many projects as you want to each council. Each council will be comprised of different executives, meaning you can pitching 50+ companies in just a few pitches. The result? A much more efficient and productive way to pitch – Writers don’t get burned out giving the same pitch thirty times, executives don’t get burned out sitting and listening to pitches in a vacuum, and it gives you time to enjoy all of the other great sessions and events at Story Expo. 


    Pitch To The Biggest Entertainment Companies, Agents & Managers In The Business!

    Companies that have regularly taken pitches in the Story Expo Pitching Room Include:


    Your Story Expo registration includes the Pitching Room.


    * Companies and schedule subject to changes.