Story Expo LA l September 7-9, 2018

  • How To Sign Up For Classes

    Below please find a complete schedule of courses for Story Expo 2018. To sign-up for the classes you’d like to take, please register for Story Expo by clicking the register button above. After you’ve registered, your Story Expo account will be created and you can log in to view, change, add and delete classes any time at any time. We recommend picking the classes you’d like sooner than later, as some of the classes have limited availability.

    To Add a Course to your Schedule: Click the + icon next to the class you’d like. A check mark will appear next to the class name confirming you’ve added yourself to the course.

    To Delete a Course: Click theicon next to the class you’ve chose. The check mark next to the class title will disappear, indicating you’ve removed yourself from the course.

    All of your changes will be stored in your Story Expo account which you can view online (or print) any time.

    Please Note: You can only register for one class in each time period. We do this to prevent people from double-booking class sessions.